A Morning Rainbow in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., December 2016 – D.C. is a very busy place in the United States of America, workers make their everyday living in offices and workplaces. Their time is so precious that they give all their time on working for their families. But in the morning of December 27, the busy city kicks off the day with a morning shower followed by a beautiful rainbow that made the day for each and every busy person in the place. The sunrise rainbow can be seen all over the metro with beautiful colors that makes the sky a moment to watch.

Rainbows, as we all know are common everywhere when droplets of water are present in the atmosphere. Rainbows can be seen anywhere in the world after a rain and the sun shines. It forms in a shape of an arc towering the sky as if there is a beautiful painting beamed-up.

The sun’s rays reflect through the droplets and create a¬†wonderful spectrum of colors painting the sky. With a rainbow in the sky, people in D.C. started the day with a smile and surely will end the day with a smile too. Adults and kids alike are amazed on how God created beautiful wonders that we people should be happy about. Nothing compares to the beauty of nature for everyday happiness.

A morning rainbow in D.C. is a happy sight for active and busy people making the exhausting week relaxing and with ease.

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