A Rainbow Crustacean? How Crazy is That?

An auto dealer based in south west Nova Scotia put out an open contact its Facebook page previously this month for photos from interesting catches as a gesture for nearby lobster fishers. This is due to an alleged or maybe true “crazy crustacean” photo taken almost a month ago. A lobster with crazy metallic rainbow accents in its shell.

The lobster that produces the very most likes as through Jan. 3 will gain the title of “craziest” and the first-prize professional photographer will receive a $500 gift card to a local area business from his or her picking.

The seafood gallery on the dealership’s Facebook web page features catches from every color and also pattern– shimmering opal shells, mauve-toned paws with neon eco-friendly highlights, split-coloured shellfishes that seem like two half-lobsters integrated together. In some photos, lobsters have actually sprouted additional branches, others wield paws that spiral like arms. One king-sized crustacean even shows up to have actually increased a top on its head.

A lobster with crazy metallic rainbow accents in its shell. There are a lot of species in the lobster family that projects very different styles and patterns but this one is very different and kind of new to the eyes. Ever recall the time when everybody was crazy repainting their cars with shimmering candy rainbow colors? Seems that nature isn’t going out of trend as it has its own versions and amazingly beautiful.

crazy rainbow crustacean
Source: treehugger.com

The rainbow lobster, which has also earned the nickname of “The Technicolor Dream Lobster”, was found off the shore of St. Mary’s Bay. During the flurry of activity on the boat, Graham managed to snap a quick photo, before measuring and tossing it back into the sea, as the little guy was shorter than desired; Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Ocean doesn’t allow fishermen to keep lobsters with a body length less 82.5 mm (3.25 inches).

But how about not really catching anything and you just wanted to imitate this Lobster Crazy Color pattern for any food? This will add excitement to kids and even unique parties to entice your visitors.

You’ll need the following:

– colored gelatin or gelatin mixed with food color of your choice
– food or edible glitters or shimmer
– brushes

The ingredients and how to really put it together is explained in this little video. We are not going to explain much but you’ll get the gist when you see it.

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