The Fate and Life of Stop Motion Animation

Warner Bros and Walt Disney studio came to be legendary names associated with full animation industry in the film world. Limited animation uses less detail. Japan and United Productions of America produced animated films using this method. Another popular technique is rotoscoping. In 1917 Max Fleischer patented it. Here the animators copy frame-by-frame live actions.

The other methods are stop-motion-animation, clay-animation (using clay figures), cutout-animation (using paper and cloth), silhouette-animation, graphic-animation, model-animation, object-animation and puppet animation. In pixilation human beings are used in stop motion roles. This allows for surreal effects like disappearances and appearance. The latest technique of computer animation includes many kinds of techniques. These are made digitally on a computer machine.

Five Best Foreign Language Oscar-contending directors — from as far as Iran, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Quebec — made compelling arguments Monday for why their films deserve more laurels and bigger audiences.

Wide distribution is the prize most filmmakers are seeking. But the directors at the Mary Pickford Theatre, on a panel moderated by Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg, recognized that competing for awards is a necessary evil.

I think festivals are very good for films,” Asghar Farhadi, director of Iran’s Oscar submission, “The Salesman,” said. “For filmmakers, however, they can be very dangerous. They can put a filmmaker into competition with himself and they can turn cinema into a competitive sport. We don’t make films to be successful (in film festivals). We make films because we love making films. Were they to tell us there would be no more festivals and no more prizes, we would continue making films.


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